JLopez MD Medical Group Inc. is team composed of the best professional medical experts backed with solid experience and specialized care. Our goal and desire are to help our clients deal with underlying causes and not just the symptoms of their health condition. We want to improve the way our clients feel, look and how they function with personalized medical programs.

The ultimate goal of JLOPEZMD is to have a more proactive and personalized approach in dealing with their clients medical conditions. They made it possible to have for their patients to take control of their health and and wellness from diagnosis, detoxification, healing and rejunivation of thier new and expand Centuria Medical Makati in Makati City.

At JLOPEZM, they strive to be the top wellness partner of choice. They believe that their clients are entitled to the best quality health and wellness care and they strive to maintain state-of-the-art expertise in Biological Medicine.