Considering the increasing demand for materials in local construction industry as well as the developing markets in the neighboring countries, it became necessary to establish a distribution arm to better serve local clientele. Beginning with its inception, DuCo Trading Industries Inc., a sister company of Studio26 Construction Inc., immediately stepped into its appointed role due to the overwhelming need of a trading company to import for and on behalf of the buyer and to export for and on behalf of the producer/seller. This is a collaboration of professional businessmen coming from different expertise and decided to engage in this line of business.

DuCo Trading Industries, Inc. primary objective is to market high quality and long-life construction and industrials products such as machinery, steel, cable wires, genset and other related raw materials and manufactured materials and parts. We can also offer a complete service package to foreign suppliers/buyer looking to introduce/source products and raw materials to/from the Philippines our partner clients.

We commit to offer competitive price across all market for continuous business with our partner clients.